Disappointment phrases

Disappointment phrases

Feeling disappointed at some point in our lives is more common than you think, because after all we are human beings and we are full of defects. And a good way to overcome these episodes is through phrases of disappointment .

And it is that the phrases of disappointment accompanied by images can function as a quite healthy and effective means of venting, which allows us to release those harmful feelings little by little.


What is disappointment about?

Disappointment is an emotion or feeling caused by an event that discourages or disappoints us, since it is the opposite of what we supposed; and is usually caused from one person to another.


Why use phrases of disappointment?

  • They motivate us to overcome those feelings gradually.
  • They can be sent to the person who has let us down, or to whom we have let down, as a form of expression.
  • They are easily added to images allusive to the text, to generate greater visual impact.
  • They are compatible with different social networks.

Friendship Disappointment Phrases

Friends are a faithful company that we always have there when we need it most. But friends can also be wrong and make us feel disappointed at certain times.

Precisely for this reason it is ideal to use these friendship disappointment phrases whenever you need them, as a way to heal wounds:

  1. A good friend is like a perfume, if it is original you will feel it all the time, but if it is false you will feel it only for a while.
  2. When you become cold people begin to value who you were before.
  3. The world is full of monsters with friendly faces.
  4. I do not fear the friend who attacks me, but the false friend who hugs me.
  5. This year I didn’t meet people I thought I knew.



love disappointment phrases

Although love is usually the strongest emotion in the world, and fills us with indescribable joy when it is at its best, sometimes it also causes us a lot of pain and frustration.

In favor of this, we invite you to use some of these phrases of disappointment and love so that you express your emotions and you can overcome that bitter episode:

  1. If you’re only going to love me at times, I’d rather you hate me.
  2. Do not believe in those who say they love you, but in those who fight to have you.
  3. Being ignored by the person you care about most seriously hurts a lot.
  4. You treated me better when I didn’t love you.
  5. Confidence is over, there is a great disappointment and soon love will die.

Phrases of disappointment in life

We are not always disappointed in people, because sometimes we are convinced that it is life that disappoints us; since things do not turn out as we expected or we feel that we are going through unfair times.

And it is something quite natural, because we can all collapse in certain circumstances. However, after falling, we have to shake off the dust and continue, and these phrases of disappointment in life will help you:

  1. Life is short, the clock is a liar, everything that matters cannot be bought with money.
  2. I only ask life not to lie to me anymore.
  3. The sadness and disappointments of the past will make you stronger in the future.
  4. Life is struggle and torment, disappointment, love and sacrifice, sunsets of black gold and storms.
  5. The truth hurts, but disappointment kills.


-The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. Robert Kiyosaki

-We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. Martin Luther King

-Disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting to reality after discovering that things are not as you thought they were. Brad Warner

-Most things disappoint until you look deeper. Graham Greene

-Disappointment is a disease that begins with discomfort in the heart and spreads to those around you.

-Nothing hurts more than being disappointed in the person you thought would never hurt you.

-Expectation is the root of all anguish. William Shakespeare

-I do not hate you. I am disappointed that you have become everything you said you would never be.

-Disappointment is really just a term for our refusal to look on the positive side. Richelle E. Goodrich

-It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.

-I’m sad, hurt, angry, angry, disappointed. But you know what? I’ll put on a happy face and move on. It hurts, but I will survive.

-Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on your dreams of tomorrow.

-You will end up really disappointed if you think that people will do for you what you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you.

-It’s amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink, and how much one person can affect you.

-Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagine them different.

-Generally, when you are disappointed, you become stronger. David Rudisha

-It was one of those occasions in which you feel a sense of loss, although you had nothing in the beginning. I guess that’s disappointment: a sense of loss for something you’ve never had. Deb Caletti, Jade Nature

-I hope, but never wait. Look ahead, don’t wait.

-One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable.

-Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom. Sir Bayle Roche

Assuming is the root of all disappointments. Rogiel Reyes

-One’s best success comes after his greatest disappointments. Henry Ward Beecher

-After so many disappointments, you begin to lose hope in everything.

-It’s sad when you realize that you are not as important to someone as you thought you were.

-When you have high expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Ryan Reynolds

-Disappointments are just God’s way of saying ‘I have something better’. Be patient, live life, have faith.

-Each pain makes you stronger, each betrayal more intelligent, each disappointment more skillful and each experience wiser.

-Sometimes you don’t need to listen to the excuses or what the other has to say, because their actions already tell enough truth.

-I give and give, even when I don’t receive anything, and that sets me up for disappointment. Angie Stone

-Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do a lot for them.

-There can be no deep disappointment where there is no deep love. Martin Luther King

-Sometimes we create our own broken heart through expectations.

-Perfectionism rarely breeds perfection or satisfaction, only disappointment. Ryan Holiday

Disappointment is a kind of bankruptcy: the bankruptcy of a soul that spends too much on hope and expectation. eric hoffer

-There are so many times you allow someone to let you down before you can no longer tolerate disappointment… When things go wrong between two people, someone has to give in. You get to the point where you get tired of being the only one trying to fix things, of not giving up, and then you realize that you have enough. You have to do what is right for you, even if it hurts. brigitte nicole

-Disappointment is like going bankrupt. You invested so much in something and ended up with nothing because of your problems.

-The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar that the final fulfillment of that hope never completely removes. Thomas Hardy

-Quotes about disappointment to give you hope
You cannot be disappointed by something that does not exist.

-Understanding is the key to overcoming disappointment.

-Never trust a person who has disappointed you more than twice. Once it was a warning, twice it was a lesson, and anything more than that is simply not valuing yourself.

-Disappointments are not meant to destroy you; They are meant to make you stronger.

-Nothing annoys me more than when someone expects you to be okay with something that you wouldn’t be okay with if you were.

-If I meet with a disappointment, the sooner I know about it, the more life I will have to overcome it. Thomas Jefferson

-Let me tell you this: if you meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it is not because they enjoy solitude. It’s because he has tried to blend in with the world before, and people keep letting him down.

-If you have no expectations, you will never be disappointed.

-Be careful not to wallow in disappointment, because it is in this state that depression drags you from behind.

-Don’t make someone wait for a decision. Waiting is a crueler fate than being disappointed.

-Disappointment is preferable to suspense because it is the beginning of healing.

-There is no rush to achieve success. Don’t be disappointed because you haven’t reached your potential yet.

-One suffers from disappointment, which means that, like every pain, it can be healed.

-When someone disappoints you, there is nothing you can do but accept it.

-Once I couldn’t feel the real disappointment until the end, and even then, it was just another beginning.

-Disappointment has no place in a heart full of gratitude.

-Lamenting is the bedmate of disappointment and it is a lethal combination.

-Like a mortal wound, overcoming a disappointment will make you stronger.

-Sometimes when something you dreamed of doesn’t happen, a sigh of relief is better than wallowing in disappointment.

-Children will always be a disappointment to parents who are never satisfied, not even with themselves.

-Disappointment is a small sign that leads you to a path of self-improvement.

-Only the fear of disappointment will prevent one from following their goals.

-Disappointment is an ominous cloud of doubt and fear that must be overcome at all costs.

-That you do not care about the expectations that others put on you, because their disappointment will weigh you unfairly.

-Disappointment is a quicksand of unreality that doesn’t sink until you’ve been sucked in.

-We can be disappointed with the world, but it is of no use to us since the world will turn even though we do not move.

-When you work so hard and get so little back, it’s a crushing disappointment that must be shelved for life to go on.

-Parents should teach children how to deal with disappointment and stress. I think the world would be better off filled with happy, functional people.

-When hope suddenly dies, it leaves a scar and a searing pain of disappointment.

-Do your best and reach for the stars. But don’t try to reach them without stretching or you will be disappointed.

-If you expect the unexpected all the time, nothing will disappoint you.

-Disappointment is a terrible feeling in which your insides twist so much that there is no medicine, but time can heal you.

-Every time you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and move on. Les Brown

How do you deal with disappointment? How do you deal with a monster holding a hammer and smashing your crystal heart to pieces?

-A perfect life is to have expectations without disappointment.

-Sometimes we love our children too much and try to protect them from all the hurts in the world, including disappointment. This is often a disappointment in itself.

-Disappointments are daily cuts that must be taken care of or else death will come from the profuse bleeding of the soul.

-Life is full of pain and pleasure, and between the two, there is disappointment and ecstasy.

-A true friend will listen to your disappointments, say “I told you so” and help you back down.

You must, for the sake of your sanity, transcend disappointment.

-Disappointment is an infectious disease that removes the joy from your soul and the smile from your heart.

-At the end of a love affair or a job, see how deep your disappointment is and be happy. Because if it is deep, it means that you have invested too much, but if it is shallow, you can easily move forward.

-Hope and expectations are different names for the first part of the road to disappointment.

-Never stop walking towards your dreams. If there are disappointments along the way, use them to build a stronger foundation.

-It is our destiny in life to be disappointed. The human mind is so vast and full of imagination that real life will never live up to its expectations.

-Marriages that end in disappointment occur when the expectations of the other are not put on the table.

-Disappointment is a troll that follows you around the house, messing up the things you had put in order, changing the things you need around you, and generally intruding on your life. The best way to get rid of this pest is to face it head-on and tell it to go away before it multiplies.

-Children often become disillusioned with their lot in life and suffer the injustice of living when they did not ask to be born.

-When you suffer a blow of disappointment, take the necessary time to heal the wounds. One can continue, surely, but not without the necessary strength to succeed.

-Growing up is a disappointment, making the best of it is maturity.

-Laughter is a cure for the bitter disappointments in life. When you are sad, look for laughter to ease the pain.

-Beauty can cause disappointment because if there is no substance underneath, the image becomes nothing more than an empty image.

Greet disappointment with joy. There’s nothing like a spring in your step to take out the ugly gloom.

-Don’t believe others when they say they love you. If you don’t see the actions with your own eyes, you will experience disappointment.

I choose to live without hope to protect myself from disappointment. It is very effective! Spencer Kayden

-Friends who tell you that you can’t are a disappointment and should stay away, as they are not friends, but doubts in human form.

-If your purpose is only to look, but never to act, this is a path that will surely lead to disappointment.

-You really can’t disappoint yourself. You can do stupid things that can lead to bad consequences, but knowing that you are who you are can ease the pain.

-Choosing a path to follow and getting lost in it is something common in people. Do not be disappointed with your human frailty.

-It is the fear of causing disappointments that drives us towards them. Such is the irony of life.

-You can hate life and end it, but it is an underlying fear of disappointment that drives you to do so. Seek the light in your soul to free yourself from this prison.

-We feel relieved and at the same time disappointed when someone sees through our façade and discovers us.

-It’s a gift when someone shares your disappointment. Often just listening to one’s problems is enough to dispel them.

-We are our own sculptors. We chisel ourselves to create our life’s work, but are disappointed when a part isn’t done right. Remember, it is a work in progress, there is still a lot to do.