God Phrases

Walking through life without cultivating faith is like living without a goal. So it is vital that we entrust ourselves to that superior being in whom we trust, and offer our thanks with phrases from God.

And the best of all is that the images with phrases of God give an additional touch to those beautiful words, because they make them much more visual and striking.


Why is it important to believe in God?

Today there are many religions and we must be respectful of each of them. And for religious it is very important to cultivate faith and show love to God, because he is the creator and the one who guides us on this difficult but beautiful path called life.

In addition, the fact of giving ourselves to the omnipotent being makes us feel safe, confident and loved.

Why dedicate phrases of God?

  1. They can be the perfect help for people who are going through difficult times.
  2. They increase faith and keep it alive, after using them day after day.
  3. They can be adapted to any image alluding to the text.
  4. They are compatible with the formats allowed by social networks, and by other digital platforms.


Phrases of God to reflect

There is no doubt that God is teaching, and it is that he has sent us to this earth to fulfill a purpose: to learn, value and love without conditions; in order to attain eternal life.

In favor of this, it is intelligent to use phrases of God to reflect to elevate our spirit and keep us attentive to each of the signs that lead us on a good path:

  1. God’s plan is always bigger than your mistakes.
  2. Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He is waiting for you to make a change within yourself.
  3. My blessing does not depend on people or places, my blessing depends on God.
  4. With God there are no impossible, we can achieve everything.
  5. What God has for you is greater than the things you ask of him.


Phrases of God help me

It is clear that life is not rosy, as it is full of multiple tests that we have to constantly overcome. However, the key is to never lose faith and fight tirelessly.

And for those moments when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, we have brought you these phrases of God help me, in which you will surely find a refuge and a solution:

  1. If I ever lose hope, help me to remember that your plans are better than mine God.
  2. Lord help me overcome all difficulties, I present my burdens, remove my fear and fill me with your peace.
  3. Do not be afraid because I am with you, do not be discouraged because I am your God.
  4. God help me in that that only you and I know.
  5. Where my strength ends, God’s begins.

Beautiful phrases of God

Praising God is one of the most beautiful actions we can do, because this is the heavenly father who has given everything for humanity, and it is the least he deserves.

So we have compiled the best beautiful phrases of God, so that you dedicate it to him in each new dawn and strengthen that unique and infinite spiritual connection:

  1. Now relax, wait for my times, and I’ll do the rest.
  2. God will bring a blessing that will erase all your sadness.
  3. Be strong and brave, God is with you.
  4. God tells you today: I know that time is difficult, but do not fear, I am stronger than any storm, trust me.
  5. God is light and goodness, he is mercy and life, he is love and compassion… he is everything to me.



short breathed phrases of God

-With Him in our life we ​​can achieve everything we long for. Let him guide your way and serve him with all faith.

I have already done the easy, I am doing the difficult and I know that with God I am going to achieve the impossible.

-Trust in God. Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient.

-Only Jehovah is faithful, your friends can abandon you and the family can betray and defraud you.

-Don’t worry when He takes you away, because He is preparing to give you back a thousand times more.

-Jesus does not promise us a life without problems, but he does assure us of his presence, his help and the final victory.

-With God by your side, you will never feel alone. Soak up his love, dare to see the light he emits.

Always remember that with God the impossible can be achieved.

-When you need encouragement talk to the Lord and listen carefully, He will relieve your heart and help you carry your sorrows.

-Allow God to be present in every situation of your life and there will be no obstacle to stop you.

-When you understand that God is with you, it no longer matters who is against you.

-Do not forget that God does not forget you.

-God works with perfection and with the right time for you. He leaves everything that worries you in his hands, He will never fail you.

-There is no sorrow that can cover faith in God, nor a cloud that can prevent His blessing from reaching you sooner or later.

– Prayers do not have an expiration date. Even if you think that God forgot what you asked for, it is not so.

-From the hand of God follow your dreams, reach the goal and then from there you can look at those who told you that you couldn’t.

-Only with God guiding the way will you find the strength, courage and courage to move forward and honor him with your success.

-When life puts you with your face against the ground, faith will encourage you to look at the sky!

-The God who was with you yesterday, will be with you today and will continue to be with you tomorrow and forever.

-Everything you ask God to pray, He will return it to you transformed into blessings, you just have to wait.

-If God is all you have, then you have all you need.

-Remember that for God there are no impossible, with him you can achieve everything you want to achieve. Trust him!

-God’s plan is always the best plan; the road can be hard and painful, but don’t forget that when God is silent, he is doing something for you.

-If your day looks gray, it may be because God is busy putting color into the design of your life.

-God takes away, but when he returns, he multiplies.

-Jesus knows that life is full of problems and ups and downs, that’s why he will always be by your side, to walk with you.

-When others let you down, when others abandon you, look up, God will always be faithful to you.

-Be strong and brave! Because the Lord, your God, will be by your side wherever you go, even if you do not see him, he will be with you.

-Never reproach our Lord, he never forgets your prayers, he just waits for the right moment to respond.

-Sometimes the best we can do is sit still, waiting for God to take care of everything.

-God will be with us in difficulties and then he will bring us victories and glory, that is his pact, trust in Him and wait.

-Although life gives you a thousand reasons to give up… God gives you a thousand and one more reasons to keep going.

Where my strength ends, God’s begin.

-We ask God to free us from temptation and evil, and he does so, he makes us strong in the face of all the evil on this planet.

-God gives you courage and faith when your mind tells you “resign” and from the bottom of your heart tells you: TRY ONE MORE TIME!

God’s plan is always bigger than your mistakes.

-Do not forget to thank God for the smallest things in life… they are the ones that will give you the most happiness.

-If you face darkness remember, you are a child of God and he will always be with you, giving you the power of Light.

-Sometimes things don’t turn out as you expected, because what awaits you is the best of God!

Seek your strength in God. Because the Lord is your light and your Salvation.

-I hope you grant me the most beautiful of joys: show me the true path to happiness, give me your love and understanding, so that I can achieve eternal salvation.

-Faith in God does not make things easy, but it does make them possible.

-God expects the best from you, so always expect the best from God.

-When God erases something from your life, it is because he is going to write better things.

-When you feel like everything is falling apart, turn your eyes towards God, He is there. He will rebuild everything even better for you.

– Tremendous things are coming from God that will surprise you! So big, you’ll be on your knees for them.

-Walk with Jesus and you will never be alone. Jesus is the light of the world.

-Remember: God gives the worst battles to his best warriors.

-Sometimes you just have to look up, smile, and say: “I know it was you”.

-With your talent you can go very far, but with God you can climb very high!

-After the storm the rainbow will come, it is God’s pact with us. He loves us, fully trusts him.

-Trust the following: Even if you don’t believe it, God will put the right people in your life at the right time and for the right reasons.

-The problem you are going through is opening the way for the blessing you are waiting for.

-Even if you’re fighting a thousand battles inside, deliver a thousand smiles on the outside.

-Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift from God, so enjoy it.

-Only God throws my sins to the bottom of the sea.

-Sometimes you think that life is not fair, but in reality the unfair are men. Hold on to God and everything you ask for will be granted.

I trust in God and I am not afraid.

-Do not feel depressed, remember that God loves you and will help you get out of these problems that have come your way.

-I believe in God as the blind man believes in the sun, not because he sees it, but because he feels it.

-If God was the one who put you where you are today, it is because he knows that you will bear much fruit there. Have faith.

-Victories open doors, defeats open the heart, which will help you to win future victories.

-God loves you and therefore will not allow the enemy to defeat you.

-Never be afraid to entrust your unknown future to a known God.

-Fall in love with God first and he will give you the perfect person for you, at the most appropriate time.

-Where there is faith there is love, where there is love there is peace, where there is peace is God and where God is, nothing is missing.

Forgive everything and you will have peace. Decide to forget it and you will have hope. Trust in God and you will be happy.

-He who does not love has not known God, because God is love.

-May the God of hope fill all those who believe in him with joy and peace.

-The Lord shows you the path to follow; he has his eyes on you, he is your adviser.

-Jesus is the most loyal companion, he is always there to listen to us, even if we do not remember him.

-Create in me a clean heart my God. And renew a right spirit within me.

Let us not love with word and mouth, but in truth and with deeds.

-The Lord is tender and compassionate, he is patient and all love.

-The Lord is my strength, my God is the rock in which I take refuge.

-Put your hope in God, now and always.

-Confess your sins to each other, and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

-Put me as a seal on your heart, as a seal on your arm; Because love is as strong as death.

-If we put our problems in God’s hands, he puts peace in our hearts.

-The Lord is very kind, if you approach Him He will grant you His forgiveness.

-Before complaining… Always look around you and thank God for what you have.

-There is no power that does not come from God.
Saint Paul

-When you understand that God is with you, you begin to downplay those who are against you.

-God understands our prayers even when we cannot find the words to express them.

-God’s decisions are mysterious, but always in our favor.
Paulo Coelho

-God hears, God remembers, God sees.

-Loving is a gift from God that is given… Being loved is the reward.

-We thank God for his blessing that surrounds us with his shield of love and covers us with his mantle of light.

-For God everything is beautiful, good and just. Men have conceived what is just and what is unjust.
Heraclitus of Ephesus

-To believe is to know that God can and to trust is to believe that God wants.

-Only God is the true sage.

-Whoever seeks the truth, seeks God, even if he does not know it.
Edith Stein

-To be great in life, you just need to be humble of heart.

-Let yourself be carried away by the hands of God and you will never lose the course of your life.

-Faith is made with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not had.

-Saint Thomas of Aquino

-Taste and see that the Lord is good. How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

-Man proposes, but God disposes.
Thomas of Kempis

-In this life, it is better to love God than to know him.
Saint Thomas of Aquino

-Because I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans for well-being and not for evil, to give you a future and hope.

-God is a kind of wheel that moves everything, but that itself does not move.

-What is God for Christians? A great castle, a powerful shield, a good weapon.
Martin Luther

-Each one for himself and God for all.

-God does not speak, but everything speaks of God.

-Short phrases of God – God does not speak, but everything speaks of God.

-Where the spirit of God is, there is freedom.

God sees you.
Saint John Bosco

-The Lord implies, complicates and simplifies.
Charles Clement

-If you see other Christians as your enemy, you are fighting the wrong battle!
Miguel Nunez

-The Lord never tires of forgiving. We are the ones who get tired of asking for forgiveness.
Pope Francisco

-Each morning I give my worries to God, since He is going to be up all night.
Mary C Crowley

-God loves each of us as if there were only one of us.
San Agustin

-Humility recognizes its own limitations and its need. He is open to help, to be taught and not to resist good advice.
John Piper

-Chance does not exist; God does not play dice.
Albert Einstein

-People see God every day, but they just don’t recognize him.
Pearl Bailey

-God is the invisible evidence.
victor hugo