Ironic Phrases

There are many ways to get a message across; for example, we have the conventional or direct and the rhetorical or opposed. And if we focus on the latter , the use of an image with ironic phrases  to express what we want  is ideal  .

Therefore   we have compiled a variety of ironic phrases with their respective images, hoping that you will find the idea for each moment and turn them into an original and fun language.


What is irony?

Irony consists of  expressing something in a totally contrary way  to what it should, with the addition of gestures, vocalizations or signs that indicate the real intention to the receiver.

For example, saying “how cold it is”, when in reality it is a hot summer day, is an ironic phrase. And the most ideal thing is to use it with clear signs that imply that you are dying of the heat.

These types of phrases are used in any situation, although they are generally used in times of conflict, in funny scenarios or when you want to make fun of them, resulting in a joke or a hint (pleasant or unpleasant).

Likewise, it is very common for there to be ironic phrases native to different regions of the world, which are applied naturally on a day-to-day basis, since they are part of the social environment.

Whatever the scenario  , ironic phrases,  without a doubt, can work for you. The important thing is that you choose the ideal one and that you use it at the exact moment, so that the message comes through clearly.

Why make use of  ironic phrases ?

  • They optimize the linguistic area of ​​the issuer, specifically the conjugation, structure and grammatical richness in general.
  • They become a fun form of expression.
  • They are also used to indicate positive things, such as beauty, affection, passion, etc.
  • It is a way to replace rudeness or risqué words, through the emission of an indirect message, although not pleasant, known as sarcasm.
  • They promote the capacity for analysis in the receiver or listener, motivating the development of the cognitive area.
  • They are sometimes interpreted in different ways, giving the sender a chance to keep the conversation intriguing.
  • They fit perfectly to images, since they tend to be composed of few words.
  • They serve to express what we feel in any field.
  • There is something for all tastes and occasions.


Ironic phrases  of life

There are day-to-day circumstances that make us rethink many things, and it is no secret that it is not easy at all, and there are hundreds of emotions that can affect us in one way or another.

But in those cases, it is best to stay calm and let off steam with ironic phrases, which is why we want to show you some of them:

  1. Memory has a gift: it especially remembers what we want to forget.
  2. We have a great government. That’s why it cost us so much money…
  3. Luck is the great ally of my enemies when they are successful.
  4. I can multitask, but I’m better at avoiding multitasking.
  5. Do you want to be productive? Change your personality.

Ironic phrases  of love

Love is not always rosy, in  fact,  scientists believe that it usually goes through very intense and different periods, in which feelings such as hatred, resentment, idolatry, revenge, among others, contrast.

However, most people are looking for a healthy way to tell their better half how they feel, and these phrases are very helpful:

  1. The more I’m with you, the more I want to be alone.
  2. I would like to be your best unknown.
  3. Ever since you cheated on me I’ve wanted to throw myself off a cliff, but I’m not going to because I don’t have wings, only horns.
  4. It is enough to make me happy so that my weakness allows you to play with my feelings.
  5. Marriage is the principal cause of divorce.



-Memory has a gift: it especially remembers what we want to forget.

-It’s not that I don’t want to know, it’s that I don’t care.

-The more I’m with you, the more I want to be alone.

I respect your fucking opinion.

-During my childhood, I prayed every day to have a new motorcycle. But when I found out how things worked, I stole one and prayed to the lord to forgive me.

-We have a great government. That’s why it cost us so much money…

-I would like to be your best unknown.

-Maybe I’ve had too much to drink, but I’ll be back to normal tomorrow and you’ll still be ugly.

-Memory has a gift: it especially remembers what we want to forget.

-I know how to do several things at once, but I’m better at avoiding doing several things at the same time.

-Ever since you cheated on me I’ve wanted to jump off a ravine, but I’m not going to do it because I don’t have wings, only horns.

-Do you want to be productive? Change your personality.

I will not allow my teachers to interfere with my way of thinking.

-Maybe I’ve had too much to drink, but I’ll be back to normal tomorrow and you’ll still be ugly.

-If you don’t learn to smile by yourself, I can help you by doing it for you.

-It is enough to make me happy so that my weakness allows you to play with my feelings.

-Human beings are extraordinary. He knows how to identify a stone when he has tripped over it a second time.

-Your ear may know how to listen to your friends, but your brain is always thinking about something else.

-You didn’t disappoint me because I never expected anything from you.

-I won’t go to your funeral, but that doesn’t mean I don’t approve.

– What if I’m still in love with you? I will not respond to such stupidity.

-Your absence has left me a void… just like your presence.

-I don’t usually forget a face, but with you I will make an exception.

Immortality is not achieved by remaining in the memory of others. It is achieved by not dying.

-Maybe I’ve changed my position, but I’m still right.

-Stay by my side, I love loneliness.

-You are one of those routines that I would like to get rid of.

-Why do priests give us so many lessons about sex, if they haven’t tried it?

-The best I can receive from you is your absence.

-Do you want to be productive? Change your personality.

-Life is gray before it turns totally black.

-If you marry me, I swear not to look at other orcs.

I’ve had a tremendous day, but it wasn’t today.

-The only thing that matters is that they talk about you, even if it’s good.

-I am not vegan out of respect for animals; I just can’t stand plants.

-If you want to hit the target, shoot and then make your target what you have hit.

-The psychologists give you the same advice as a friend, but for a lot of money.

-It is better that they say bad things about you, than not say anything.

-As a child, my parents assured me that anyone can become president of a nation. Today I confirmed that it is true.

-You don’t need a doctor to help you, but a good plastic surgery.

-Sow memories and you will collect tears.

-The totality of the Americans are, practically in their totality, idiots.

-I would take you seriously, but that would be an insult to your stupidity.

-Poor universe, if we are the only intelligent beings that inhabit it.

-An action shows much more than a thousand words, but not as often.

-I used to put you on a pedestal. Now I’ll climb that pedestal to the top, so I don’t have to see you.

Why do you talk so much about freedom? If you are always imitating others…

-Inside me there is as much hate as there was love once. Was there?

-I wouldn’t kill you, but every day I read the obituaries in case your name appears.

-Why do you say “I love you” if when you leave you’re thinking of someone else?

-First analyze the situation, then alter the data as you please.

-Television is an inexhaustible source of knowledge. When I turn it on, I go to another room to read a book.

The worst thing someone can tell you is to be yourself.

-If you believe that words awaken feelings, it is because you have never lived.

-You claim to be yourself, while behaving like your idols.

-Your opinion is so important to me that, instead of using it, I’m going to frame it.

– What a pity that I became your friend, I wish the friends could return.

– I do not understand how that inept can be a deputy, worth the redundancy.

-If you have a clear conscience, it means that you do not have a good memory.

-I hope that the next crush of Cupid is more successful.

Yours has been a catastrophic achievement.

I have never allowed myself to be indoctrinated at school.

-I haven’t talked to my girlfriend for a long time so as not to interrupt what I’m doing with “the other”.

-The best ironic phrases for WhatsApp and Facebook
You were eternal for a few weeks.

-So many wounds have only made me stronger.

-My worst mistake was smiling at you when you complimented me.

-You walked away from me when I needed you most and you came back when I didn’t care anymore.

-That I will never find anyone like you? That’s the key!

-I don’t miss you, but who I thought you were.

-I swam in a sea called Woman and I ended up drowning.

-You’re a princess but you don’t remember which man you lost the crown with.

-I told him «give me everything you want», and all I got was lies.

-Did you say that your pride makes love to you better than me?

What you’re wearing doesn’t look good on you. + What of everything? -Your pride.

-If you don’t like the way I am, you know where the door is.

Funny ironic phrases  

Grace is something that has been granted in very different doses and forms, hence the answer that two individuals do not get the same joke. It is simply not a gift that we all possess. 

But if there is a way to indicate something gracefully, it is through ironic phrases, such as the ones we have brought you right now  

  1. I’ve had a perfect afternoon, but this wasn’t it. 
  2. It’s not that I don’t want to know, it’s that I don’t care . 
  3. I respect your fucking opinion. 
  4. You don’t need a doctor to help you, but a good plastic surgery. 
  5. Poor universe, if we are the only intelligent beings that inhabit it. 


Ironic falsehood phrases  

Conflictive relationships are usually not healthy at all for either party, since negative feelings are glimpsed in them that can affect those involved. 

However, many times it is inevitable to fall into these topics, and in those cases the best thing you could do is use ironic phrases that reflect what you think  

  1. My love, your lies were delicious, I almost swallowed them all! 
  2. My back is not a mailbox, whatever you want to tell me, say it to my face. 
  3. I didn’t like last night’s food – what did you eat? – Do you remember the kilo of illusions you gave me? They were defeated. 
  4. Forgive me for not answering you, I had my cell phone in mode: «So you can see what it feels like» 
  5. Neither you expected a love as great as me, nor I was looking for a love as false as you. 


Ironic phrases  for absent parents 

For every parent, a child should be the priority, since they are a part of themselves, and it is a responsibility that is carried for life, as well as the purest love that the human being gets to experience . 

However, there are situations in which, for one reason or another, parents are absent and neglect their children. It is there when we suggest you make use of these phrases : 

  1. It is not flesh and blood,  but the heart that makes us fathers and sons. 
  2. Having children does not make you a parent, raising them does. 
  3. There are no difficult children. The difficult thing is being children in a world of busy , tired, impatient and rushed people. 
  4. Any man can have a child, but only an exemplary man deserves to be called “Dad”. 
  5. To be in the memory of your children tomorrow, you must  be present in their lives today.  


Ironic and sarcastic phrases  

Sarcasm is a form of irony, however, it is loaded with very negative and strong emotions, because what is sought is to hurt or annoy the other person. 

And, although it is not the healthiest, if you are going to use this medium, we invite you to do it intelligently, by using the following phrases : 

  1. Watch out! Happiness of two, envy of thousands . 
  2. Sometimes I think about who will fall into your arms and I don’t know whether to laugh or feel compassion . 
  3. I wanted to ask you for the number of your exes to form a kind of support group . 
  4. I looked you up in the dictionary… and you don’t mean anything . 
  5. I am an expert in pretending that the opinion of others matters to me . 


Shrek ironic phrases  

Shrek is a cartoon with great success worldwide, in which situations of daily life and vanities typical of the human being are reflected, such as superficiality, interest, injustice, among others . 

And something very striking is that their characters are experts in the use of ironic phrases, and shortly we will show you some of them, so that you can make them yours too : 

  1. I bet you’ve never seen a donkey fly before!  
  2. Come on, princess, you’re not so ugly. Well, yes you are ugly. But you’re only like that at night. Shrek is ugly all the time.  
  3. You know Donkey, sometimes things are more than they seem.  
  4. Some of you will die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to  make.  
  5. Blue flower, red thorns, blue flower, red thorns. This would be easier if I wasn’t colorblind!  

Ironic Batman phrases  

Who does not know Batman? a superhero who has marked the lives of millions of people, thanks to his intelligence, strength, courage and ingenuity. Without a doubt, he is a classic of comics. 

But that’s not all, since Batman  and his characters used  ironic phrases that can surely serve you. That is why we will leave you some of the most outstanding:  

  1. You’ve earned yourself an all-inclusive fuck trip.  
  2. It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do defines me  
  3. If you kill an assassin, the number of assassins in the room stays the same  
  4. We stopped looking for monsters under the bed when we realized that they were inside us  
  5. You are not the devil. You are practical .  


cute ironic phrases  

And since not everything in life is negative, you also have the option of using ironic phrases to express something nice and pleasant, both on a personal level and in other aspects of life . 

In favor of this we will show you a few phrases of this style, hoping that you can take advantage of them and apply them in your day to day : 

  1. What would life be without the opportunity to make stupid decisions . 
  2. You were the best part of my worst mistake . 
  3. Life was crap because I didn’t know you existed. 
  4. When it rains upwards I will stop loving you. 
  5. You emanate so much cold that you have made me lava.